Backlight Photo Festival

2023 Tampere

Backlight 2021 Touring Exhibition will be touring in Finland and abroad. The exhibition of international artists offers the visitors the opportunity to experience how artists currently visualize, understand and interpret the multidimensional relationship of art and science to space, nature and different cultures.

The theme of the exhibition emphasizes that there is not just one truth, but rather several truths, related realities. The exhibition of ten artists includes photographic prints of various sizes, large wallpaper pictures, videos, soundscapes and an interactive selfie-work based on artificial intelligence (AI).

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Photo 1: Petri Anttonen: Diving, 2017, 95 x 125 cm. From the series Momentum, 2017
Photo 2: Chirag Jindal: no1 Shackleton Road, 2018, from series Into The Underworld / Nga Mahi Rarowhenua (Related Realities)